Northern Lights Gaming was founded in 2017 by a small team with over 50 years of experience within the online gaming industry. Since then, we have expanded to build a team consisting of creators, developers and designers from around Europe with the shared goal of creating the most innovative and fun video slots to hit the market.  

At Northern Lights Gaming, we have strived in creating true innovation wherever possible and our back catalogue of titles really showcases this primary aim. With originality at the heart of what we do, we brandish a portfolio of 20 plus unique games, and with a stunning roadmap for 2023 we have not yet reached our peak!

Great People make Great Games. We are Northern Lights. 

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Panda Bonanza

Come join in the Pandamonium with Panda Bonanza!

Unusual Catch

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3 Laughing Lions
Treasure Ireland
Unusual Suspects


Currently recruiting for:

Business Development Manager

Logic Developer

Great people make great games. We, are Northern Lights.